SRE in Action

Redefining Operational Excellence

05th October, 2023


SRE in Action: Redefining Operational Excellence is the first hands-on Conference cum Workshop along with Thinknyx SRE Certification Associate program. 

This event is all about understanding why SRE is critical for any organization. We would also delve into its principles and practices ,its roles and responsibilities, skills and competencies.

We would get a detailed understanding of how Prometheus helps in monitoring along with a live demo to ensure the reliability of software systems. We would further deep dive into how we can shift gears to Observability to enhance SRE practices, create a Grafana Dashboard and have a detailed walkthrough of it.

In this conference, we would focus on a pragmatic approach to shift from Monitoring to Observability, how Observability makes a leap change to enhance SRE practices and deliver business value.  

This Thinknyx initiative is an opportunity to meet like-minded leaders, technology experts and learners under the same roof. The workshop is followed by Thinknyx SRE Associate Exam, passing the same will add you to the list of renowned “Thinknyx Certified SRE Associate”  league.

SRE in Action: Redefining Operational  Excellence is going to be an online conference held on 05th of October 2023.


START Time (IST)END Time (IST)ActivitySpeaker
13:0013:10Introduction to "SRE in Action"Deepthi Narayan
13:1013:50Why Site Reliability Engineering is critical for any organization?Suresh GP
13:5014:30Monitoring with PrometheusYogesh Raheja
14:4515:25Shifting gears to Observability to Enhance SRE practicesSuresh GP
15:2516:05Dashboarding with GrafanaYogesh Raheja
16:1517:00Thinknyx SRE Associate Certification

Our Speakers

Yogesh Raheja

Sr. Solution Architect at Thinknyx Technologies

Suresh GP

Managing Director at TaUB Solutions

Deepthi Narayan

Technical Specialist at Thinknyx Technologies

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