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Certification Path

We offer role-based certifications to validate expertise for those in various DevOps, SRE Roles, and Security certifications to validate advanced skills in specific Cloud Security area. Follow our learning paths, to help you build skills and prepare for relevant certifications, based on your profiles.

DevOps and Cloud skills are in high demands now a days. Every small-scale manufacturer to large IT industries, are moving towards automation, containerization and cloud. But the major challenge with these areas are – achieving on-ground implementable solutions, security-in-place and finding the right candidates for implementing and maintaining their environment. Everything moves around on-ground skilled employees. Employers and clients want proof that you have the expertise, they need. They want to know you’re continually improving your skills to stay up on the latest technologies and threats associated to it.

Thinknyx Certification helps learners build credibility and confidence by validating their expertise with an industry-recognized and official Certification program. We have served many thousands of professionals and students in DevOps, SRE, DevOps-IaC, DevSecOps and in Cloud Security until today.

How to get Certified?

Certification is not about passing an exam. Its all about learning, up-skilling, acquiring relevant knowledge and proving the world that you are capable enough…


Register for Web-Conference /Corporate-Trainings & Certification, through Website or E-mail


Participate in training / conference and attend the sessions.

Certification Exam

Qualify for Exam pre-requisites and appear for the Onsite Certification Exam.

Pass the Exam

Pass the exam and get your Certificate, Goodies & Member’s benefits.

Prepare for Exam

  • Join the relevant corporate training program at your company premises organised by Thinknyx or its partner.
  • Join Thinknyx Conferences and appear for Exam at spot.
  • NOTE: Thinknyx Certifications are only available for corporate employees/working professionals.

Certification Benefits

  • Digital Badges to showcase your achievement.
  • Preferences in Interviews over non-certified participants.
  • Exam Discount for next Certifications.
  • Exclusive Thinknyx Goodies.
  • Become a member of Thinknyx Certified Community to gain access to latest technologies blogs and communications.


  • Maintain your Thinknyx Certified status and ensure employers that you are still the best in market.
  • Thinknyx Certifications are valid for 3 years.
  • Same ensures that your credential covers the latest Technical skills, knowledge, Security and best practices.
  • 50% Discount will be provided for re-certification exam.

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