DevOps & Automation

We enable organisations to transition to DevOps, by adopting efficient DevOps methodologies and processes to shorten their Release Cycles, faster time to market, improve success ratio of changes and enable them to Deliver Quality Products & Solutions to the end users at faster pace. Being a skilled DevOps service provider, aims on a management culture which enhances the entire software setup to complete collaboration, communication, and integration. Our DevOps consulting service manages infrastructure, procedures and tools, delivery and maintenance of software operations.

We have top talents with high experience who always strive to achieve the client’s requirements in best possible way, thus delivering quality end to end solutions.


OS installations for different verticals and markets


Countries served in different operations


Private infrastructure cloud setups


Big Data solutions implemented for the clients


IT landscape has seen everyone saying ( SKY is the limit ) with advancement in working collaboration between the Dev and the OPs teams. Thinknyx helps bring the transformation from being a silo to be a TEAM ( Together Everyone Achieves More ). With the wealth the engineers have we have helped organizations increase there productivity by 90% .

Devops is just not about the journey of dev and ops but also security which has seen a consistent increase in the modern landscape .We help Customers ride the transformation from being a DEVOPS company to a company driven by DEVSECOPS which helps mitigate the risks in the modern world.


Growth of a company is dependent on workforce being able to maximize there strength and deliver to increase productivity. Productivity increase leads to a good vibrant work culture and being able to deliver a consistent IT environment . To bring that change Automation is key.

At Thinknyx we help customers bring there Automation Journey on the correct road to success . We help automate legacy process and modernize the workplace for observability and increase productivity.


Our DevOps experts will help your organization navigate through this transformation journey

Enabling DevOps culture in teams​
Implementing Project & Content Management Tools for Development & Operations Teams
Designing complex workflows for effective Project Management & Deliveries
Executing CVCS to DVCS Migrations
Implementing Branching & Merging Strategies
Onboarding CI tools & Build as a Code using Jenkins, CircleCI, GitHub Actions and much more
Designing & Implementing robust Continuous Integration pipelines, covering
Database Migrations
Platform Migrations (Public and Private Cloud Migrations)
Process Automation
Creating immutable Infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code with the power of automation tools like Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Terraform, Packer, Salt etc
Developing Customized Reporting Platform
Onboarding CI tools & Build as a Code using Jenkins, CircleCI, GitHub Actions and much more
Creating Self-Service Platform to off-load work from Ops teams like User Management, Storage Management, DB Setup, Server Patching etc

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