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Rakuten Orchestrator Architecture

Unveiling the Rakuten Orchestrator Architecture A Symphony of Modern Telecommunication Overview In the dynamic world of telecommunications, the Rakuten Orchestrator Architecture stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. As the backbone of Rakuten Mobile’s cutting-edge infrastructure, it integrates multiple facets of network management into a cohesive, scalable, and highly automated system. Let’s dive into …

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Rakuten Cloud Native Orchestrator

Rakuten Cloud Native Orchestrator Simplifying Bare-Metal to Service Orchestration Overview A pioneer in cloud innovation, Rakuten Symphony offers a comprehensive suite of tools including Rakuten Cloud Native Orchestrator, designed to streamline service provisioning, network optimization, and automation across cloud and edge deployments. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are continually seeking ways to streamline operations …

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Symcloud CNP – An Enterprise Kubernetes Platform

Symcloud CNP An Enterprise Kubernetes Platform Symcloud Platform (formerly known as Rakuten’s Robin CNP – Robin Cloud Native Platform) is an enhanced Kubernetes platform that streamlines the deployment, scaling, and lifecycle management of data and network-intensive applications. It leverages the power of Kubernetes, offering a comprehensive solution that includes automated installation, lifecycle management, upgrades, monitoring …

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