Case Study

CI/CD Implementation & Migration for over 1000 existing pipelines

One of the leading mobile telephony and internet access operators in Europe and Africa.


The client has a vision to convert monolith applications to micro-services based architecture and containerise them.Their Current VCS system was Subversion, there was no standardised CI/CD processes defined, most of process were manual and vary from team to team, which was the biggest challenge for agility.


Entire CI/CD process was designed keeping cloud native methodology in centre, which will help Development teams to release hundreds of micro-services on Managed Kubernetes Cluster (Google Kubernetes Engine). Entire Tools Set for the CI/CD was also configured in the GKE with container based approach.

Entire release process to their application has been implemented keeping Code Quality, Code Coverage, SAST, Functional and Non-functional Testing, DAST to ensure the security, stability & quality for every release.​

Tech Stack
  • Google Cloud Platform & GKE as platform.
  • Gitlab as CI/CD platform which was integrated with Google Kubernetes Engine
    to run the dynamic Gitlab Runners in the form of Kubernetes Pods.
  • Docker private registry running in Google Kubernetes Engine with HPA to ensure High Availability.
  • Sonarqube for Static Code Scanning to identify Bugs & Potential Vulnerabilities in the Code and the same was used to cover Unit Test Code Coverage.​

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