Case Study

Infrastructure Automation with CI/CD

A holding company based in Dubai operating Shopping Malls, Retail and leisure establishments with operations in 13 countries.


The client was struggling with below Challenges:

  • No automatic Custom OS Image creation automation
  • No Automation in place for Azure and VMware, Minimal AWS CloudFormation with lots of repeated manual efforts
  • Policies were Cloud platform specific and nothing was on on-prem

  • No CI/CD


Complete end to end solution for Provisioning using Terraform, Configuration Management using Ansible, Image Baking using Packer, CI/CD using Jenkins, Policy as a Code using OPA, GitOps using Github and few other techstack was designed, implemented and supported for multi-cloud environment including Azure, AWS and VMware.

  • Fully automated and scalable provisioning system
  • Fully automated and scalable configuration management system
  • End to end CI/CD pipeline in place
  • Fully automated and scalable Image baking system
  • Fully managed and scalable Policy as a Code system
  • One time efforts and No to all repeated monotonous work
  • Single click deployment across all platforms
  • Rigid and Secure landing zones for AWS and Azure platform in place – Zero touch, Zero Login environment
  • Open to any extension in future
  • No CapEx (designed using OpenSource ToolSets)

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