Case Study

Docker Swarm to OpenShift Migration

One of the leading telecommunications operators in Europe and Africa.

The client wanted to scale its business offering by going cloud native and increase its time to market by increasing pace of development.

Current Solution was based on use of Docker Swarm. As with growth and demand in customer requirement for docker swarm grew they found it hard to scale and deploy services.

Our solution requirement was to migrate existing workload from Docker Swarm to RedHat OpenShift and design a blueprint for future workload to be brought it directly under OpenShift. This was achieved by designing the Architecture, Implementation, Migration and Solutioning of CI/CD process for the entire stack. Build of a new artifactory for image storage and monitoring of the platform was also designed and implemented. The solution also included a framework to migrate all current docker compose to K8S yaml definitions to ease movement of current workload without writing up the entire code.


Benefit Realisation for the client in time saved in migration from Docker Swarm to RedHat OpenShift within business expected timelines.

A scalable K8S environment based on RedHat OpenShift to support expansion of companies vision of being cloud Native.

Automated CI/CD pipelines with testing framework for code integration and testing and deployment.

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