Case Study

Zero Touch Multi-cloud Provisioning

One of the largest telecommunication corporation in GCC, which serves 11.6 million customers and over 300,00 small, medium and large enterprise and government customer in Middle East.

The client wanted to streamline its IT operations and configuration management of their Multi-cloud Environment.

We have designed a scalable & flexible solution integrated with ServiceNow, with Active-Standby mode and implemented it using Terraform Enterprise and Ansible in a multi-cloud environment.

The payload from ServiceNow channels into Terraform Workspaces provisioning the environment required by the end user in minutes. The user experience remains same across the Multi-cloud environments with the efficient modules developed in Terraform for VMware, Openstack and Azure. Using the best of the features of Terraform Enterprise, the Multi-cloud interaction for the end user has been made seamless. Infrastructure as Code is stored and deployed from Git to maintain version and CI/CD controls.


Benefit Realisation for the client in time saved in rapid and consistent provisioning of environment.

Modular design of the Terraform code makes changes to provisioning simpler. Seamless experience via ServiceNow for Multi-cloud Orchestration

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