Chef Cookbooks Part-II

This is our fourth post on Chef Series, we are done with Simple Chef-workstation model, Chef objects and recipes, default chef cookbooks. If you have missed reading it, kindly check:
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Chef Automation

As we have seen how to use default.rb recipe, but we cannot use default.rb recipe with different environments for all applications/codes unless its unique across our whole environment. Lets see how to create, use and run different recipes:

1.) Create/Go to application cookbook directory, and select recipe directory.

2.) Create a recipe file with .rb extension and write your specific code.

3.) Apply the recipe (we will see the run in localmode )

Demonstration: Lets assume we have to create a recipe for user creation for some application.

Go to the recipe directory inside cookbook directory.

cd /home/cookbooks/thinknyx/recipes/

Create a recipe file (say users.rb) inside recipe directory.

vi users.rb

Write a code for the user creation and run it.

vi users.rb
user ‘thinknyxuser’ do
action :create

chef-client –local-mode /home/cookbooks/thinknyx/recipes/users.rb
[2016-09-10T01:46:21-07:00] WARN: No config file found or specified on command line, using command line options.
Starting Chef Client, version 12.13.37
resolving cookbooks for run list: []
Synchronizing Cookbooks:
Installing Cookbook Gems:
Compiling Cookbooks…
[2016-09-10T01:46:27-07:00] WARN: Node has an empty run list.
Converging 1 resources
Recipe: @recipe_files::/home/cookbooks/thinknyx/recipes/users.rb
* user[thinknyxuser] action create
– create user thinknyxuser

Running handlers:
Running handlers complete
Chef Client finished, 1/1 resources updated in 05 seconds

id -a thinknyxuser
uid=503(thinknyxuser) gid=503(thinknyxuser) groups=503(thinknyxuser)

Likewise you can create multiple recipes and use them accordingly.

In our next post we will present chef-client utility and introduction to run-list in chef.

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