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In today’s digital landscape, efficient data management and storage solutions are crucial for business success. Rakuten Cloud Native Storage is a robust solution designed to provide advanced storage and data management for any Kubernetes distribution, whether on-premises or in the cloud. It integrates seamlessly with Kubernetes-native tools like Kubectl, Helm Charts, and Operators through standard APIs, CLI, and an intuitive GUI. Developers and DevOps teams can easily deploy it as a standard Kubernetes operator. The solution supports full automation based on user-defined policies, ensuring automatic tracking of all application and storage constructs throughout the solution’s lifecycle, significantly reducing time to outcome and minimizing human error. Kubernetes does not directly manage the underlying storage for stateful workloads; instead, it relies on the Container Storage Interface (CSI). Rakuten Cloud Native Storage utilizes CSI to provide robust support for stateful applications across any cloud and environment. It is fully automated to significantly reduce recovery time, migration time, and human error, while offering industry-leading functionality.

Key Features of Rakuten Cloud Native Storage

Rakuten Cloud Native Storage is distinguished by its comprehensive features tailored for stateful, cloud-native applications. It offers:

Advanced Integration and Ease of Use: Rakuten Cloud Native Storage integrates seamlessly with Kubernetes-native tools and can be deployed as a standard Kubernetes operator. It provides an intuitive GUI and standard APIs for simplified management.

Enhanced Automation: Automation is a core feature, driven by user-defined policies that track application and storage constructs throughout their lifecycle. This automation significantly reduces time to outcome and minimizes human error.

Bare-Metal Performance: Designed for scale, Rakuten Cloud Native Storage delivers bare-metal performance optimized for stateful applications, encompassing data, metadata, and Kubernetes configuration.

Unprecedented Automation and Data Protection

Rakuten Cloud Native Storage excels in automation for various tasks and data protection lifecycle events, ensuring enterprise-grade availability and reliability:

Automate Data Lifecycle Management: Automated management includes backup/recovery, snapshots, rollback, and cloning of entire application states.

Automate Container-to-Storage Tracking: It reliably tracks changes in container-to-storage relationships over time, preventing issues during application upgrades and reconfigurations.

Enhanced Productivity for Teams

The solution enhances productivity for development, QA, and Ops teams by simplifying complex tasks and fostering collaboration:

Team Collaboration: Teams can clone entire applications in minutes, facilitating seamless collaboration and faster project delivery.

Seamless Migration: It enables secure movement of applications and storage across environments, including Cloud, Core, Edge, and enterprise settings.

User-Friendly Management: RCNS requires no storage expertise, simplifying application and data management tasks for all team members.

Robust Performance and Scalability

Scalability and performance are key strengths of Rakuten Cloud Native Storage, ensuring reliability across diverse workloads:

Scale with Linear Bare-Metal Performance: It supports various workloads such as big data, enterprise applications, 5G, MEC, databases, content delivery, gaming, network functions, and both stateless and stateful applications.

Manage Any Workload: Utilizing existing disks and storage arrays, it effectively manages and deploys reliable storage across popular Kubernetes distributions.

Comprehensive Availability and Data Protection

Ensuring continuous operation and data security, Rakuten Cloud Native Storage provides extensive data protection features:

Application-Aware Data Protection: Beyond storage, it protects applications, metadata, configurations, and secrets, ensuring comprehensive security.

Advanced Disaster Recovery: Supports multi-data center, multi-cloud, and stretch cluster disaster recovery with synchronous and asynchronous replication.

Advanced Encryption and Key Management: Implements robust encryption and key management to safeguard sensitive data.

Capacity and Performance Management

Efficiently managing capacity and performance is simplified with Rakuten Cloud Native Storage:

Application to Spindle Visibility: Offers advanced monitoring through an intuitive GUI, API, and CLI, ensuring comprehensive visibility and management.

Policy-Driven Expansion: Enables dynamic expansion of data volumes based on policies, ensuring optimal performance and resource utilization.

Deploy Anywhere

Rakuten Cloud Native Storage supports flexible deployment options, ensuring compatibility across various environments:

Runs On-Premises and in the Cloud: It seamlessly integrates with existing on-premises disks and arrays, while also supporting hybrid cloud capabilities with major cloud providers.

Broad Kubernetes Distribution Support: Compatible with popular Kubernetes distributions including open-source Kubernetes, Anthos, OpenShift, GKE, AKS, EKS, IKS, RKE, and Rakuten Cloud Native Platform.


Rakuten Cloud Native Storage represents a significant advancement in Kubernetes storage solutions, offering advanced automation, ease of use, and robust performance. Whether enhancing data protection, improving team productivity, or ensuring scalability across diverse workloads, Rakuten Cloud Native Storage provides a comprehensive solution for modern cloud-native environments. Embrace the future of cloud-native storage and elevate your IT infrastructure with Rakuten Cloud Native Storage.

By – Amanpreet Singh Bhogal

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