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This is our second post on Puppet Automation Series, those who missed the first post, can check it at:
Start Automation with Puppet?

What is Puppet Enterprise?

Puppet Enterprise or “PE” is an IT automation configuration management tool/software that helps to automate repetitive tasks, quick application/software/configuration deployments and maintain consistent configuration across all your servers environment be it Standalone servers, Cloud and/or Virtual Environments.


What is Puppet Enterprise Stack?

Puppet is one of the most stable Configuration Management tool and its simplicity also lies on ALL-IN-ONE package which puppetlabs provides for PE installation. PE is based upon Master-Client model and comes with a bundled software which consists of all required softwares along with their self defined installation and configuration order. The complete bundle is termed as Puppet Enterprise Stack which provides you all Puppet packages and sub-packages for fully functional Puppet Enterprise (ex: PuppetServer, PuppetClient, PuppetDB, PuppetConsole and PuppetTools Packages). Below is the list of PE components along with versions for PE 2016.x software:

Puppet Master Server Components: PuppetServer, PuppetDB, rk10, RazerServer/Libs,

PuppetDB, JAVA, Queue, Webserver Packages Puppet Agent/Client Components:

PuppetAgent, PuppetTool, Facter, Hiera, MCO, Ruby, SSL

Note: The Master server will have both (Puppet Master Server Components+Puppet Agent/Client Components)

Why Puppet?

  • We need puppet if we want to automate application/software deployment across our infrastructure
  • We need puppet if we want to automate repetitive tasks across our infrastructure
  • We need puppet if we want to automate the configuration of our newly installed software/application
  • We need puppet if we don’t want to login to every server to make any configuration changes
  • We need puppet if we want a centralized configuration database of all our servers which keep our configuration fully consistent
  • We need Puppet if we want to proactively manage our infrastructure with complete visibility
  • Puppet can save most the sysadmin overhead of a company

In our next post we will learn about PE installation and then move with the configuration.

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