VERITAS Resiliency Platform – A unified solution for IT service continuity

Why VERITAS Resiliency Platform:

Virtualization with diversified vendors and hypervisors is a heart of technology today. At the same time we have most critical applications running on Standalone Servers (HP, IBM, DELL, ORACLE and many more hardwares). We are moving to Public, Private and Hybrid cloud at very rapid rate. This is not the only complication, on top of it we managed different OS (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux with different variants). This leads to a “Highly Heterogeneous” environment and most of the customers are having such critical running environments.

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Question is what is needed to manage, to monitor, to scale (if needed), to recover, to automate such a diversified environment??. The answer lies in the Solution provided by VERITAS Product called “VERITAS Resiliency Platform” – A true unified Recovery as a Service Product with many more value added services in Single Product.


Visibility/Predictability: You can monitor the “Highly Heterogeneous” environment across the globe with a single dashboard. Believe me that’s the biggest win over a toughest challenge to have Standalone,Cloud and Virtual environments across the globe under a single monitoring dashboard.

Recovery as a Service in clicks: VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS)/Infoscale, one of the best Cluster Technology present in the market till date & adopted by any OperatingSystem with ease. So Recovery as a Service from VERITAS was highly expected and they again proved why they are the best in the Recovery/DR business. With the simple clicks you can do the DR/Recovery not even at VM/Machine levels but also at application levels. VRP (VERITAS Resiliency Platform) also supports in-built data mover or third-party data movers to ensure your critical Recovery Points always met.

Automation/Prebuilt-Custom Templates: Like Cloud, Automation is also a biggest key in the market. VRP (VERITAS Resiliency Platform) provides you the same via inbuilt / Custom Templates. You can arrange the applications stop/start sequence as per requirements and dependencies.

Reports: At the same time VRP provides the flexibility to fetch reports for any diversity environment. You will have everything under the same umbrella. Amazing!.

Veritas VRP

There’s lot more to explorer with VRP which will really change the perception of dealing with “Highly Heterogeneous” environment” with so much ease, visibility and flexibility.

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