What is Docker?

Docker is a containerization technology that will help millions of applications to run undisturbed. Applications run on their own light weight containers as opposed to a complete operating system in a VM. This enables more efficient use of hardware resources and does not require VMs to be created for applications using a hypervisor.

What is Docker?

Why you need docker?

  • Every docker container provides a complete dedicated OS and runtime environment for an application process to run without creating VMs.
  • You need docker if you want your applications to run on production exactly as they run on development servers.
  • You need docker if you dont want to tackle with multiple “VMs” and installing OS on each of them
  • You need docker if you dont want to waste disk space by creating separate OS disks for each of the VMs. Docker containers use layered filesystems that dont need to separate disk space for separate containers
  • You need docker if you want to orchestrate your app deployment within cloud with a single click

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