Versioning & VCS

What is Versioning? Why is it important? Versioning is a process of tracking changes to a product over time by assigning each change a unique identity. It is an important tool for managing products and ensuring that everyone is working on the same version. It is used in a variety of industries, including software development, …

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Introduction to Python

What is Python? Did you know that Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages? Python, a high-level, interpreted language has found extensive use in various fields, including web development, data science, artificial intelligence, automation, and more. Its versatility and simplicity have made it a favourite among developers worldwide. Python was created by …

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Symcloud CNS – An Enterprise Storage for Kubernetes

Symcloud CNS An Enterprise Storage for Kubernetes Imagine a data protection solution that not only safeguards your storage but also your applications, metadata, configurations, and secrets. Symcloud Storage (also known as Rakuten’s Robin CNS – Robin Cloud Native Storage) is one such advanced containerized storage solution. It provides enterprise-grade performance, reliability, and data management capabilities. …

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Open Policy Agent (OPA)

A policy is a condition or instruction that oversees IT operations or processes. It can be a rule that dictates which conditions must be fulfilled for a code in order to pass a security control and be deployed. In this blog, you will learn: What is Policy as a Code What is OPA How to …

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VMware : Exploring Virtualization and Hypervisors

Virtualization – Virtualization is a technology that allows the creation of virtual environments to perform tasks that would typically run on physical computer hardware. It involves the creation of virtual machines, servers, and other resources that mimic the behavior of real physical machines. Types of Virtualizations There are five main types of virtualizations: Operating System …

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Symcloud CNP – An Enterprise Kubernetes Platform

Symcloud CNP An Enterprise Kubernetes Platform Symcloud Platform (formerly known as Rakuten’s Robin CNP – Robin Cloud Native Platform) is an enhanced Kubernetes platform that streamlines the deployment, scaling, and lifecycle management of data and network-intensive applications. It leverages the power of Kubernetes, offering a comprehensive solution that includes automated installation, lifecycle management, upgrades, monitoring …

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Ansible Setup For CentOS

Ansible Setup For CentOS In our last post on Ansible Series, we read about Why Ansible Automation. Prerequisites for Ansible Setup As Ansible is based on agentless Model, we just need to install Ansible on one server which is called “Ansible Controller Node or Master Node or Central Management Server”. Before Ansible Installation, lets clear …

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Start Automation with Ansible

Start Automation with Ansible Configuration Management Tools to Automate Infrastructure Configuration Management tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, CFengine are some of the most famous tools to automate your Infrastructure with IaC (Infrastructure as a Code) Framework. Sometimes it become very difficult for Admins and/or developers to understand what exactly these tools are doing and …

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Popular Jenkins Plug-in’s

Popular Jenkins Plug-in’s We have learned about Continuous Integration, Introduction to Jenkins and Jenkins setup on Ubuntu server. Those we have missed, we suggest to go through below posts: What is “Continuous Integration” Introduction to Jenkins a CI tool Jenkins Installation Jenkins is the most powerful Integration tool available in the market and the complete …

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